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A wide range of plumbing products—and the fittings to connect them.

We have all things copper, PVC and metal that you'll need for the job.

80 years of serving the Kanawha Valley

From family to family, the Gresham name continues to live on and serve our area. Known for having the most comprehensive plumbing supplies in the Kanawha Valley—it's been said a time or two..."Try Gresham. If Gresham doesn't have it, nobody will."
New Ownership

There have been some changes at Gresham Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc. The Conley family has sold Gresham to the Woody family. We will be the third family to own and operate this wonderful business whose history goes back to the 1930’s.

We hope the transition will be invisible to you, and we will be able to continue our long standing business relationship with you and your company. Lucky (Phillip Conley) has agreed to stay with us for at least six months, maybe longer as our consultant. James, John, and Larry will continue to be the face of Gresham behind the counter, and Tammy and Brittni will continue their work in the office. Our goal is for you to "love doing business with us."

We hope to see you soon!

Mike Woody, Owner

Brett Woody, General Manager

Rich History

We hope to continue the fine traditions that the Gresham’s and Conley’s have used to make Gresham such a special business for Charleston and the surrounding areas for over 80 years. We do hope that Gresham Plumbing Supply Co. will be a destination location for you, your family, friends, and neighbors plumbing and heating needs. We want Gresham to continue to be, “Charleston’s plumbing supply store.”

We plan to continue the best products and strong product lines, and will add to those. We want you to also love doing business with us at Gresham. If you have suggestions on how we can better serve you, improve our services, or additional products you would like for us to consider, please contact us directly at 304-346-0534.

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Got one of these?

Text a picture to: 304-346-0534

Text us a picture of your problem, and we will find your solution!

Get to know the Gresham Staff

We are here to help.

Mike Woody


Mike is president and owner of Gresham Plumbing and Supply Co. He took on this new role in 2016 and strives to continue the legacy of the store as being “Charleston’s Plumbing Store.” (Mike's been known to pull in a trout or two...and probably has a story ready to share about every fish he's caught.)
"Gresham does business the 'old fashioned way' with a good handshake and a smile. I like that."

Brett Woody

General Manager

As general manager, Brett is responsible for all daily operations, and is usually available if you have any questions. His role also includes purchasing, inventory, and inventory control. And, if there is something you need that Brett doesn't have in stock (unlikely), just let him know, and he'll do his best to get it in for you. Brett loves our customers, and really loves problem solving.
"Our people and our customers are the best! That's what really drives me."

James James III

Sales Representative

James is another familiar face you'll see out front, and has been with the Gresham team for 29 years. He assists with sales, ordering, and taking care of customers. James is the "go-to-guy" for all things HVAC.
"I like having a good time with customers. They are all very glad we (Gresham) are staying around!"

Larry Allen

Sales Representative

Larry has 29 years of experience as a sales representative at Gresham. When he isn’t taking care of John and James, he can always be found helping customers and ordering parts.
"I like hearing our customers say, every time we come here it seems we always get what we need.”

John McAfee

Sales Representative

With 25 years of experience behind the front counter, John’s one of the first faces you'll see. John's primary role is to make customers happy, and that's what he loves.
"The customers are the best part of Gresham!"

Bob Reed

Sales Representative

Bob is the newest member of the Gresham team, having joined us in October 2017. He enjoys getting to see customers of his from previous jobs, as well as meeting all of the new customers and helping them find what they are looking for.
"Although I've only been here a short time, I know that I am going to love working with the team here at Gresham!"

Tammy Roberts

Business Manager

Tammy has spent seven years as the office manager and bookkeeper. She's always available to answer any questions you might have regarding accounts receivable or accounts payable. She also has a great supply of "Double-Bubble" on hand.
"Gresham has a family atmosphere and the best customers around!"

Brittni Wyatt

Assistant Office Manager

Brittni has been with Gresham for five years and is a big help around the back office. She supports the counter sales and office administration.
"For me it really is a family business."

Conveniently located on the West Side —Charleston, WV

Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm, Sat. 8:00am - Noon, Closed Sunday